I appreciate that it is uncomfortable for some people to think of having “a stranger” stay in their home if they have never had a house sitter before, and particularly so now that Covid-19 has become a “fact of life”.

As always, honesty and transparency from all parties is the best way forwards.  These have always been my core values anyway, but so as to fully inform you – I believe that I may have had Covid-19 at the very beginning of March 2020, but Mythe Medical Practice, my GP surgery, tell me that there is not yet an antibody test available to the public (17 June 2020).  I am now fully recovered, and a fit and healthy, 63 year old, tee total, non-smoker. 

If anyone in your household has had symptoms of Covid-19 within a fortnight of you requiring me to live-in, then I ask that you make me aware of this fact as soon as possible please.  Likewise, if I were to develop symptoms, I would let you know.

As a matter of course, I always clean any bathrooms or kitchens that I have used whilst living at your home, and strip the sheets from the bed that I have used, before I leave.  I will now also clean all door handles, taps, toilet handles etc. with anti-bacterial spray or wipes before I leave, as an extra precaution.

Please, let’s all work together to get you back to being able to take holidays, and to get me back to work.

Thank you.

06 July 2020