House sitting

Please note that my live-in/house-sitting service is becoming very popular, so please book ahead – for a non-returnable deposit of £10/day, I will reserve dates for you.  If you are booking at short notice, please tell me the dates that you require covered and whereabouts you live, at the time of your initial enquiry. Thank you.

Having me live-in or house sit will have the following advantages, in addition to me being on-site to look after all your animals:

  • Improved security
  • Plants watered
  • Parcels taken in
  • Bins put out/brought in
  • Papers/milk brought in
  • Lights put on, curtains drawn etc.
  • Telephone calls answered, if required.
  • All your animals are cared for at home where they are happiest, and more economically than being put individually in to kennels/cattery/livery, or having someone visit several times a day to tend them.

My starting live-in/house sitting rate is £54 per full- or part-calendar day (charges for part-days may be waived or amalgamated at my discretion), and covers all of the above, plus all/any of the tasks listed under the separate animal headings, provided that you are within 5 miles of Tewkesbury GL20 8TQ. This is about half the price of a national agency and is not subject to VAT, or additional food or travel costs – but I do have similar insurance cover, and many years’ experience.  I have been DRB background checked, but also have plenty of local referees willing to vouch for my trustworthiness.

For farther away, for large numbers of animals, for animals which cannot be left much, for dogs that need transporting to walking places, or if your arrangements/your animals’ needs are complicated, then the daily rate will be more.  I am happy to do one free site visit to discuss your needs, and suggest a package to suit you.

I am also familiar with many local veterinary practices, pet supply stores, horse feed suppliers; even electricians and plumbers, should the need arise!!

I am a tee-total, non-smoker.  I am tidy, and I treat my clients’ property with respect.  I bring all my own food (I have intolerances), and am careful with my use of your lights, heating etc., and always leave your home as clean as I found it.

Unlike more expensive agency house sitters, I do not normally undertake to remain on your property 20+ hours out of every 24, although I can do so if you require it.  I do not have a dog of my own, as I would not expect your dog/s to accept mine in their house; but I do have a horse and pony of my own which I need to be able to go and tend twice a day.

* PLEASE NOTE; When you require my live-in service, you must be honest about how long your dogs/animals can be left, whether dogs have been in a crate before, whether they have caused damage when left at home before etc. at the time of enquiry/booking, as this will affect the price that I quote you – I have a dog crate in my van and your dogs can come with me sometimes when I go out if they are happy to travel in the crate; but for insurance reasons, I am not happy having dogs loose on the front seat etc.  Likewise, if they are likely to howl or damage my crate bedding when left in my van whilst I tend other animals, then they will have to stay at your home when I go out. I will have all my meals and spend most of my time in your house, but cannot guarantee that it will always be 20+ hours in any given 24, because I have my own horse and pony to tend, and sometimes another client’s dogs to walk or cats to feed etc. too.

For your information, here is the link to a National agency’s pricing;