Every client’s requirements are different, and hence so will my pricing be in each case. Generally speaking, I am very competitive.  There is a break down of charges below.

After we have made initial contact, either on the telephone or by email, if I am available for the dates that you want to be away, I will visit you to discuss your needs, see where things are, what your animals’ routines are etc. etc., and then I will give you a price for the number of animals and the duration that you have told me that you would like covered.  This visit is free of charge.  Alternatively, if you wish, I will give you a ball-park figure without visiting, so that you can have some idea, but I will not hold to this price until I have seen what is involved for myself. When caring for other people’s animals, it is important to be vigilant and professional, which takes time.

Obviously, if you subsequently increase the number of animals or the length of time that you are going to be away, then I reserve the right to increase the price to reflect this.

Whilst you may never have had a house-sitter before, it may well be worth considering if you have multiple animals, or your animals are not used to being left for any length of time.  There is more about this on the House Sitting page.

Sit! Stay! House & Animal Sitting ; Revised pricing, March 2022.


Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day will all be charged at double the normal rate (both for live-in and drop-in services).

New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, both of the May Bank Holidays, August Bank Holiday and Boxing Day will all be charged at normal rate.

Please see the current Terms of Business, on the dedicated page of this website.

*The prices quoted below are for within a 5 mile radius of GL20 8TQ.  They may be increased upon for farther afield, if you have a lot of animals, if they cannot be left for up to 3.5 hours at a stretch on the odd occasion, if I need to put your dogs in my van to take them somewhere for walks, or if your arrangements/your animals’ needs are complicated.

Live-in service

A non-returnable deposit of £10 per full/part calendar day will be required at the time of booking to secure your dates.

My base/starting live-in rate is £54.00* per full- or part- calendar day.  Charges for part days may be waived or amalgamated, at my discretion.  50% of the total sum agreed for the period to be covered  will be payable one month before you leave, the other 50%, minus the deposit, is due before you go. For bookings made less than a month before you leave, both the deposit and the first 50% will be payable at the time of booking.

Drop-in service

I am no longer taking new drop-in animal care customers, but for existing customers the terms are as follows; Drop-in visits will be charged at a flat rate of £13* per visit.  The full amount agreed for the period of cover, will be due before you leave.

Drop-in visits include letting dogs out and/or feeding them, feeding and cleaning out cats and other small animals, shutting up/letting out chickens, puppy visits etc., or a combination of these.  For horses, please see the Horse Help section below.

I may not commit to drop-in visits if I am going to be based far away at the time that you want cover, but obviously if you have booked drop-in visits first, and then I take a live-in booking afterwards, I will honour your drop-in booking from farther away at no extra cost.

Horse help

Horse help (i.e. all general horse care chores, excluding clipping and exercising) is charged at £16 per hour within a 5 mile radius of GL20 8TQ.  Outside of that radius, additional travel time/fuel costs will be added. There is a minimum charge of £16/one hour for every day of booking. Full payment is due as soon as I have notified you of the total number of hours worked after you get home.

Dog walking

I cannot provide a regular dog walking service for clients because of my live-in work, but I will walk dogs for clients for whom I occasionally live-in, when I am not living in for them, if I am available – for example if you are going to be out all day, but not away overnight.

For these clients, dog walking will be £12* for a half hour walk, or £16* for an hour walk, for up to 6 dogs from the same household at the same time.

If your dog/s need putting in my van and taking somewhere to be walked, rather than being walked from your home, then I will add to the above charge to allow for fuel, travel time and cleaning/disinfecting my van crate/bedding.

For insurance reasons, I require your written permission to walk your dog/s off-lead.  If you have not already signed my disclaimer form, please ask for one.

09 March 2022